The Pré Saint Jean

At the base of the Aravis mountain, the residency of Pre Saint Jean is located in the town of Annecy-le-Vieux, 300 meters away from  the campus of Savoie University. It presents a beautiful view of the mountains that dominate Annecy’s lake.

The residence provides furnished rooms for students and young workers. During the months of July and August, Pre Saint Jean opens their doors to everyone, whether it be for Annecy’s film festival, ¨la fête du lac,¨ or the Noctibules. Accommodable prices, a positive environment, and well-maintained buildings are some of the many contributions that make this residence a prime location for students, workers, and tourists to stay at.



The Pre Saint Jean residency is a safe place, where residents are given electronic passes to enter and exit the property and buildings. Additionally, the premises is protected with security cameras and two security guards at night.


Management and staff are available if residents are in need of any help. Tips are also given for internship research, the search of jobs or even to help with their CV.


The residence has three hectares of green space that contains a football field, a volleyball court and 2 ping-pong tables. The courtyard contains barbecues for each building and tables to enjoy meals outdoors. Free wifi is provided in the central building; however, there is a cost to obtain wifi in the rooms. Within the central building there is  a cafeteria, a snack machine, a pool table and a TV. There are study rooms, a laundry room, and an ironing table available, as well. The residency sells laundry kits for the residents in the main office.

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